Janine Harrington in the middle of performing a movement sequence in the foyer of a gallery space.


Satelliser: a dance for the galleryJanine Harrington & coworkers

Janine Harrington. Image Conor Creaney

Satelliser is a French transitive verb which means to put into orbitSatelliser: a dance for the gallery is an ongoing performance work realised by an intergenerational group of coworking dance artists. Coworkers cycle through layered labours of moving, speaking, listening and resting over the course of a day, as they hold buoyant space for conversation to emerge.

Coworkers in 2020: Shivaangee Agrawal,Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Karen Callaghan, Iris Chan, Katye Coe, Janine Harrington, Amrita Hepi, Rosemary Lee, Elena Rose Light, Amaara Raheem, Arabella Stanger, Louise Tanoto, Else Tunemyr and Jay Yule.

The work is being redeveloped through an online discursive rehearsal process across 5 time zones through multiple states and stages of lockdown. As we have each navigated scales of upheaval, dislocation, political turmoil and changing personal circumstances, the processes of being together through conversation have both amplified and challenged what we imagined this work might be and do.

Satelliser: a dance for the gallery will tour to BALTIC Bluecoat, and Turner Contemporary (dates TBC in 2021).

Coworkers in 2020:

Shivaangee Agrawal

Temitope Ajose-Cutting

Karen Callaghan

Iris Chan

Katye Coe

Janine Harrington

Amrita Hepi

Rosemary Lee

Elena Rose Light

Amaara Raheem

Arabella Stanger

Louise Tanoto

Else Tunemyr

Jay Yule

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Janine Harrington is an artist whose work includes writing, choreography, drawing, public space projects and increasingly costume and space design. She works in collaboration with other artists and publics across works, mainly in gallery and non-stage spaces. Janine’s work prioritises explorations around access, play, agency, confrontation by times/scales beyond the human and neuroqueer experiences of attention, listening and learning. She has honed her practice alongside performing in gallery and museum contexts across Europe, teaching, writing and advocating around neurodiversity.

Her recent work, the kaleidoscopic Screensaver Series (Dance Umbrella, 2018) foregrounds these interests and has been touring since 2018 with collaborating sound artist Jamie Forth and collaborating dancers Vanessa AbreuRosalie Bell, Iris Yi Po ChanRosamond MartinStephanie McMann, Stella Papi, Louise Tanoto and Elisa Vassena.



Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Fondation Boghossian/ Villa Empain residency and performance programme 2016, Bosse & Baum, Spont Fest/ Copeland Gallery and Siobhan Davies Dance artist-curator mentorship scheme 2014/15.

ALSO DEVELOPED IN LONDON & BRUSSELS WITH: Vanessa Abreu, Charlie Ashwell, Mirte Boegart, Elodie Escarmelle, Alexandrina Hemsley, Lena Kimming, Liz Kinoshita, Ines López Carrasco, Alice MacKenzie, Erik Nevin, Grace Nicol, Katja Nyqvist, Stella Papi, Lizzie Sells, Shannon Stewart, Elisa Vassena, Ana Cristina Velasquez, Karin Verbruggen & Katie Vickers


John Ellerman Foundation