Satelliser: a durational conversation by J Neve Harrington & coworkers

This live event took place on Sunday 15 November 2020.

This is a live-streamed event. Harrington and co-workers won’t be able to hear or see you when you join the link, so feel free to stay a while and linger or drop in at various times throughout the day and find out where the conversation has journeyed.

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Satelliser by J Neve Harrington & coworkers is a performance work originally due to be performed in the gallery at BALTIC, Gateshead on Sat 14 & Sun 15 November 2020. As a result of local and national lockdown it is not able to take place live until 2021. 

A durational conversation, taking as a starting point the format of online discursive rehearsal sessions by the group, will be streamed live between 10am – 5pm on Sun 15 Nov for audience members to experience this developing work and hear from the co-working artists as they navigate this online space, at the time they would have navigated the live gallery space.

Please join the artists via the YouTube stream above and drop in and out as you please across Sunday daytime as the co-workers hold buoyant space for conversation to emerge. 

The work has been redeveloped through an online discursive rehearsal process across 5 time zones through multiple states and stages of lockdown in 2020. As each artist has navigated scales of upheaval, dislocation, political turmoil and changing personal circumstances, the processes of being together through conversation have both amplified and challenged what we imagined this work might be and do. 

Coworkers in 2020: Shivaangee Agrawal,Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Karen Callaghan, Iris Chan, Katye Coe, J Neve Harrington, Amrita Hepi, Rosemary Lee, Elena Rose Light, Amaara Raheem, Arabella Stanger, Louise Tanoto, Else Tunemyr and Jay Yule.


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